I called the police and my neighbor was arrested

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Pjmm wrote: Thu Aug 04, 2022 5:26 pm
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Pjmm wrote: Thu Aug 04, 2022 3:04 pm

One time we had the cops called on us. They watched us do one and then said sorry but we got to shut you down. We complied. These were good old Florida boys and a long time ago though lol. Here it’s legal on certain holidays.
Well Florida isn't really at risk of bursting into flames because of the tiniest spark now is it. I was in the Sierra foothills in California and we could barely get homeowners insurance because the risk of fires is so high. Well we could get it because it was illegal to just cancel on people but everyone was getting notices that their rates were going up 4-10x what they were because of fires.
Unless you live in a wildfire area it's really hard to understand how seriously things are taken there. They have a group from the fire department whose only job is to go around and make sure you have proper clearance around your home or you'll get fined. You'll get ticketed if a trailer chain is dragging. Extra fines for throwing a cigarette out a car window. If you burn anything or use a lawnmower in dry grass you can be fined the entire cost of extinguishing the fire you cause. They don't mess around.
Right now I wouldn’t so much as want to light a cigarette in California. Yes out there one has to be careful. As far as throwing cigarette butts in general I’m cool with putting those people’s heads on spikes as a warning to others. Every time we do a water way or park cleanup the butts and beer cans is what we pick up most. Nothing to do with fire, although I did once burn my foot on a butt some idiot dropped at the beach. I was a kid then. I didn’t know you couldn’t mow though. It’s gotta suck.

But if it makes you feel slightly better we’re in the same boat with homeowners.
Oregon is now like level 2&3 for fire risk. Signs went up about 2 weeks ago about what is prohibited in the forest areas. All it took was many days of extreme heat to get this way. Also, a lot of lightning storms this past week too. Which has cropped up a bunch of fires. I just pray we don't have a repeat of 2020.
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