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Let me share the truth, the virtual reality world we live in is not our home.

This is a matrix, there is someone in control of everything and we are as vessels depending on oxygen, to live here.

Yet, we live forever, and there are warps zones, black holes, and portals...

There are parallel universes, and multiple galaxies, we are living simultaneously in connected mindsets.

Astral projection, the Spirit World, and earth- the only one with life so they say. Lol

We know this, everything is made up, created, by the one who imagines it.

The Land of Promises, the Dreamers who make the impossible real somehow...

Like, the Light bulb.

If, you are One with the Maker who formed me, then you thought of Rudolph.


Santa Claus.. flip the letters and know, Satan is really apart of this Book we are living now.

The Never Ending Story ya'll.

Did I say that this is Forever and a Day in Heaven is 1,000 years?...

The Chosen are here, the New World comes by Our Hands, and enemy will attack, but can't win.

We have the Saints and the Angels to back us..

Denzel is a prophet, butterfly effect on crack to the 100th exponent, the Demons and Angels fighting, it is not our war, and don't forget the DaVinci Code.

The movies warned us because some didn't read the bibles fine print, the hidden secrets, mysteries, and hidden things.

Revealed. This is the Last Days, but not the End.

The Ending is Written and lived, First...

Before Time began...GUESS WHAT?!?!


We have been given Living Water, drink and never thirst again.

We are here as Light traveling without space, time or distance, and there's nothing that can stop us.

The obstacles are just video game tactics, and the cheat code to infinity lives is the word, BELIEVE.

Type it in. Reprogram yourself and, delete the former data. You are only here Now for this purpose...

*not spamming, or hypnotizing, Promise*

We are all back in our Real world depending on each other to agree.


Life or death.

Mankind destroyed or saved.

And, metaverse is a tool to use on earth as we use in Heaven.

Assisting in peace..

Ceasing of wars in real life, but taking territories virtually.

It's happening, it shall be.

The Great Author, the One who finished the Book before it started. Claim Victory, and say hi.

So, hello.

I just wanted to say hi, in peace and love I send greetings.

I Am She.
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It’s been awhile, Godstar. It’s good to see you.
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mater-three wrote: Sat Aug 06, 2022 4:18 am It’s been awhile, Godstar. It’s good to see you.
Good morning. I drank some wine last night and wrote that... lol

Interesting. I don't remember it.
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Santa is Latin for Saint.
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