Man shoots employees because he hated his sandwich

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Olioxenfree wrote: Mon Jun 27, 2022 3:53 pm A sane person doesn’t kill another person over mayonnaise, so yes mental health is a major part in this. But, that’s why we need much stronger gun regulations, to keep them out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them. And more resources put toward mental health.
No. You are wrong. This isn't a mental health issue. Before this guy walked into this Subway he was an ordinary person just like you and me. Yes, just like you and me. Maybe under a lot of stress in his life (and who of us isn't). Perhaps having a really bad day. But one little thing caused him to snap and because the gun was at the ready to grab he ended up using it to express his rage and it cost someone else their life.

It does no good to look at these people as "them". "Oh, they're mentally ill, they're not like me. Oh, they're an evil monster, they're not like me." To easy to distance ourselves and then we don't address the real issue. You know how they say anyone can shake a baby in a moment of distress and cause shaken baby syndrome? Anyone, even a loving parent, can be guilty of committing this crime. Same thing. Any one of us, heaped with enough stress and rage, and armed with a firearm, can commit this kind of shooting. To deny otherwise is to be part of the problem.
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Just saw this on my newsfeed on FB from the local news.. ... ihL7Mn1Ib8
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