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"One afternoon in April 2018, Raul Rodriguez was working on his computer at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection office in Los Indios, Texas, when two managers entered the building. Somebody must be in trouble, he thought. The managers usually arrived in pairs when they needed a witness." ... ium=social
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I have undocumented relatives from South America. I feel sick every time I think of how this administration is suing to end DACA instead of reforming immigration. Just like they are suing to end the ACA with nothing to replace it.

If these two programs are terminated as they are requesting, there will be 800,000 people under the age of 35 suddenly having to quit working or school. For the ACA there will be two million thrown off health care plans.

It’s like this administration has no common sense. The man in this story should have been granted amnesty along with his son. So sad.
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