Would you say anything?

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They’re still going to have to spend time together at school, so I don’t think she (or you) should say something that might make it hard for them to at least be cordial. If she stops doing things with this girl outside of school, the friendship should naturally fade.

If I liked the mom, I’d try to maintain a friendship with her by doing things together without the kids.
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12 is a normal age for this type of drama. Coach your kid to my be on and make new friends, and not listen to the school yard rumors, if It gets to a place where the girl is bullying her, then say something. I wouldn’t talk to the mom about it though. I would also cancel the weekend plans.
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Yes I would because the other mom keeps asking if her dd was nice
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Wed Jan 15, 2020 8:40 am
My 12 yo DD has been friends with this girl for over 2 years. She has some issues and every time they would hang out, her mom would ask my DD if her DD was nice to her. It was awkward that she would ask that in front of me and DD and her DD. The mom is very nice and they treat my DD very well. But now my DD is tired of this friend. She is bullying one of my DD's friends and also trying to steal all of her other friends from her and sometimes tries to get people against my DD. She has made my DD cry twice recently at school.

We had plans with her friend and her mom and sister this weekend but my DD does not want to go now. I told my DD I will do whatever she wants to do and I also told her that one option could be to talk to the girl's mom. My DD doesn't know if she wants that right now so I won't do anything. If you were in this situation, would you talk to the mom (if your child was okay with it)?
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