Why booing Donald Trump doesn't mean what you think it means

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water<wine wrote:
Mon Oct 28, 2019 4:24 pm
lol. awww, your side behaves like screeching rabid animals for 3 years because you lost and you get defensive when you're seen as unpatriotic and disrespectful.

"But what the booing and chants on Sunday proved isn't that lots of people don't like Trump. We already knew that. What it proved is just how much he has changed not just politics but public discourse more broadly -- moving the goalposts (or maybe knocking them down entirely) on what is acceptable behavior."

Nah, your side has been behaving this way from day one. obama was divisive before trump came along, the MSM only fawning over him and giving him soft ball treatment through it all. and republicans NEVER sank to the levels of democrats with TDS. Hillary even calling trump supporters a "basket of deplorables", your politicians and MSM pundits have called us NAZIS and worse. your side has given its blessing to harass republicans working in the trump admin, your side has intentionally falsely accused trump of treason! your side has attempted several COUPS! your side is not innocent.

No one made them chant/boo. Just own it FFS. you are responsible for your own behavior.
I’m not on any side. I’m definitely not liberal but I think I recall the Republicans whining just as loud when Obama was elected.
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This is Good!
( why didn’t I see this thread until now? )

This nails it!

(I’ve said this before but got nothing in return but harassment.)

Trump’s attitude, his bully behavior, has lowered the bar way too low and encouraged crude insulting name-calling and derision in public, and Online and between groups of people.
How can we recover? I miss the polite and classy behavior of our past presidents. ALL of our past Presidents! I didn’t always agree with some but at least I respected them!
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