Sometimes I get a hotel after a long day at work so I dont have to go home

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Sometimes I get so tired I am worried about driving and just having to come back early the next morning. Other days I just dont want to deal with the whole bed time thing.

I will just get a nice hotel near work and crash there.

My husband doesnt really like it but I only work 2-3 days a week as it is and we live an hour away from my work

It is so nice and relaxing. Some days I am tempted to do it just to have a nice bed to sleep in alone.

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My husband does that sometimes but only when hes working 3ish hours away or long hours. Work pays for it too.
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I do it all the time and my dh does too
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Nah, that’s not for us. I have to be within 30 minutes of work as a requirement of employment and DH chooses to be no further. And we are too frugal.
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I travel pretty extensively for work so I'm typically in hotels. I'm at the point where I, too, might like it more than going home. No judgement from me, total understanding.
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I'm to cheap to do that but you do you.
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I don’t work but I do the same.
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Are you a nurse or doctor?
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When my kids were toddlers and I worked evenings I would sometimes take the really long way home so dh would have to do bedtime.
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My SO does this sometimes. I’d rather have him do that then be on the road too tired to drive.
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