Do you have a smart watch?

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If so whatkind and please give me an hinest review
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I don't have a smart watch. I did order a brand spanking new fitness tracker off Amazon. It isn't fancy or expensive. Do think it will fit my needs. Good luck! ... R3KR88FFKA
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I currently have a Garmin Fenix 5 Plus. It's a nice watch and great for multisport tracking, but it's way more watch than I need, because I'm lazy and don't swim nor cycle, nor does my plump butt need to track the time of a specific GPS route to beat my last run time, LOL. I just need to keep moving...

I have had Garmin vivosmart & vivosport, as well as the a vivoactive 3 series. I liked them all, (*shhhh, don't tell my DH, I actually love them even more than my fancy Fenix).

What I like: They all connected well to my Apple phone and tracked my steps with accuracy. They were accurate with my heart rate. They were accurate with my sleep. All the later models displayed my phone alerts & texts without difficulty.

Some people do not like the app which tracks & trends steps, sleep, weight, menstrual cycle (now), stress levels, heart rate, activity intensity, but on the phone, but I like it a lot.

Dislike: The stair step thing is not accurate, but from what I understand that is ALL brands and devices. App: Linking the calorie counter to fitness pal app is glitchy (to track calories). Fitness pal easily gets my step count, but Garmin Connect does not always update with my calorie count. So basically, I am using two apps instead of one, which is no big deal to me.

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Nope. Not wearing one of those things.
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Lol @ hinest.

No. Not my thing.
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No. I just have my Charge 2. I find the smart watches to be too big for my wrist and I have a smart phone so I don't need more tech. LOL
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I have the versa Fitbit. I love it.
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I have an Apple Watch, I like that it syncs to my other apple products
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