If you have some type of keepsake memorial for a loved one...

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Do you mind showing it and saying how much it cost/where you got it?

My friend and co-worker's Dad died. If I collect $20 from everyone in our department that will give me $260 to buy something nice for her to remember her Dad from our team. I could maybe get a little more from another department as well.

We all were thinking we'd like to do this for her but I am just not sure what to get her.

I was thinking one of those angel statues you can buy. She is religious. But I was hoping to find one that specifically says something about remembering your Dad but I can't seem to find anything that's not tiny.

It doesn't have to be an angel. Just something to remember him/some type of memorial for him. He died suddenly so she didn't even have a chance to accept it/know it was coming. We don't know what happened yet.
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The keepsakes I treasure are personal items they owned. I'd have no emotional attachment to some memorial type thing someone bought, but that's me.
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I'd just collect cash and send it in a card.
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Does she have a yard? If so, how about a memorial bench?
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My mom, my daughter, my brothers and I all have pendants with my dad's ashes in them. DD and my mom have wooden crosses he made them. Sadly he got too sick to make me one before he passed in December.
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I have many treasured items that belonged to loved ones. I don't think a gift from a group of people that were work acquaintances would be something I considered a "keepsake" that I would hold onto forever. I would donate the money in a card rather than buy some expensive gift that doesn't really hold personal meaning to the deceased.
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You need something that belonged to him. Something personal. Something of his that meant a lot to him or photographs of him. If there are any photographs that someone that worked with him might have of him, that would be nice. I wouldn't purchase something that had no meaning for him to give to her.
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I'm curious as to why anyone would talk about how much something cost when it comes to a gift from the co-workers of the daughter of the deceased. He's not even your co-worker, his daughter is. So why would anyone be talking about or need to know about the cost? This is starting to look like you're trying to make a big show for your own benefit rather than supporting her thru her grief & finding a way to honor her dad.
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FIL died very suddenly, and what's special to us are photos, things that belonged to him, and things that he gave to us. I don't think I'd want a keepsake from coworkers because they didn't know him, so it wouldn't have sentimental value, but I would feel obligated to display it.

In your situation, I'd pool that money for gift cards for places she likes to eat, or have people organize to bring meals, depending on what she might prefer. Get her a card and have everyone sign it so she knows you're all thinking of her. That actually means a lot.
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For me it was more personal items as keepsakes. I wear his wedding ring on a chain around my neck. He does have a shrine with his urn, and some items that belonged to him. I also have hand prints the hospital did the day we removed life support.
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