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Hey everyone!

I put this up on discord when the site went down but I forgot to post on the forum also. The forum has been getting ddos bot attacks which is overloading our server. I beefed up our security and firewalls but every time I make an adjustment and it calms down they find a workaround. I have been working on it since 2 am Saturday and it’s doesn’t seem to be as bad as it was but we are still getting hit pretty hard. If you end up with a php error try reloading the page and clear cookies if that doesn’t work. Sometimes you may need to refresh it a couple times.

Also, if you come across a bot check or cloudflare page it’s just checking to make sure you are a real person. Some secure browsers (like Tor) and adblockers will sometimes trigger it to check.

I am working on it and will hopefully get these bots to stop.

We are also renewing for another month so if anyone would like to donate check out the stickied post with the various donation links.
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