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Dear moms,
I am a working mom and I have two kids (4 and 1,5 years old) and I am opening this subject to share very honest confessions we all sort of have. Things we don't really tell other moms, but if we would, we all would feel a bit more "normal." They can be small, they can be big. No judging.

Here are my confessions:
1. I once picked a worn bra out of my laundry because it was more clean than the one I was wearing the last days.
2. I am constantly surrounded by my kids and I have never felt so lonely in my life.
3. Me and my husband haven’t had S*x since our second kid was born.
4. One time I only had time to shave one leg, not both.

Cheers, Stephanie
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The meme you posted is so true! LOL!

I once pulled a sweater out of the laundry bc it had deodorant stains on the inside.I ran out of deodorant and needed to drop off craft materials at my son’s school and I was running late.

After my son goes to sleep after a crazy day, I’ve sat down and imagined what fun thing/s I’d be doing at that moment if I was NOT a mom.

I’ll probably come back later and post more😉

Btw, the S*x thing w your hubby …. Girl, you need to get laid!
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I feel like I'm doing everything but nothing we'll. I'm a sahm but between homeschooling, cleaning, cooking, paying the bills, and running the kids everywhere I'm just exhausted. My kids are doing great but I just feel like I'm failing.
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