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I’ll be holding a robbing contest for those who are interested in playing. If you want to enter the contest, leave a comment, if you aren’t interested then please ignore this post and don’t leave a comment. I’m using the comments for a list of people who want to enter and other comments can make it confusing.

Contest starts August 21st and ends September 4th. Winner will be announced September 5th. No entries accepted after August 20th.


1. Only rob those who are entered in the contest. If I find out you broke this rule then I will deduct up to 5,000 points from your account and you will be excluded from the contest.

2. No banking allowed, banking for those who enter will be turned off while the contest is being played. It’s a robbing contest after all, not a hoarding contest.

3. Make sure that you bank your points before the contest starts. Once it begins, I’ll be modifying your account so that everyone will start with the same amount of points on hand and if you don’t bank then you could lose points earned before they are modified.

4. Don’t cheat. Don’t try and find loopholes, don’t pad your total or manipulate robbing amounts. The contest is about robbing and not earning points so submit screenshots of your logs each week. If you are caught cheating then you will be excluded from the contest.

5. Don’t complain about things being unfair. The contest is about stealing each other’s points. Only make a complaint if you feel someone is cheating along with any proof you have.

6. Donations don’t count. If someone donates to you because they want you to win, it won’t count towards your total. Only points that were robbed count in this contest.

7. Entry costs 500 points which will be deducted August 20th.

The winner is the person at the end who robbed the most points.

The chances of a successful robbery will be set at 20% to make things more challenging.


1st place winner - $20 Amazon Gift Card
2nd place winner - $15 Amazon Gift Card
3rd place winner - $10 Amazon Gift Card

If there aren’t enough people who are willing to play, I’ll cut out the 2nd and 3rd place prizes.

Good Luck! Happy Robbing!

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Unread post Sun Aug 04, 2019 11:15 pm

Yes! I really hope Anonymous 1 plays.
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I'm in!.
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Count me in.
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I'm in
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I’ll try it
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