Cutting out toxic people in your life and the aftermath...

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Isn't it interesting... Or is it just me that this happens to... That when you cut toxic people out of your life, for damn good reasons, these same people start to circulate around your friends or other family members in your life talking crap. Like,
"T has serious issues. She just stopped all contact with me".
"I'm afraid T has mental problems. She won't talk to me". Or -
"I'm really worried about T, she won't talk to me anymore. Her husband is controlling and abuses her I think".

Now it's not that you haven't given ample amount of warning that you are tired of dealing with their shit. It's not as if this departure came out if nowhere. But still they want to act all surprised that you don't have anything to do with them anymore, and then start to go around like they are victims of something. Just move on! If someone doesn't want to deal with you for whatever reason, just move on. Get a damn life! I've moved on. It shouldn't be that hard. And how is not wanting to put up with someones untrustworthy BS considered a mental illness? Or an indication that a person is being controlled and abused by their spouse?

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Girl, post this shit in confessions2.0
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People on the outside see things much clearer than people on the inside.
Chew on that for a while.
You rogueish demon-sired flibbertigibbet! :evil:
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