Prophetic dreams

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I've had quite a few in my life. They have a different feel to them. Idk how to explain it. I just know.
Anyway i had 2 in the last week. Just gonna document it here to see how long they take to come true.

1. My CAO at my company quits/retires and moves on. In my dream he said that he's unhappy because he doesn't see a future there. Yesterday i overheard (i sit right in front of HR) what sounded like him saying he's considering leaving.

2. I meet a man with dark hair, clean cut and dark brown eyes and when i meet him i feel like I've met him before and he seems really familiar.

I don't necessarily believe in past lives but #2 makes me think of a past life mate.

In case anybody actually reads this, have you ever had a prophetic dream?
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