Atheists Are Sometimes More Religious Than Christians

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This was an interesting article to me as a Christian... because many in Christian churches decry "religion" as opposed to faith. Within many churches, "religion" is often defined as having a form of faith... going to church, praying, doing good works...while not having that inward relationship with God and "faith" is defined as having that inward relationship whether one goes to church or not.

And... I do know that sometimes atheists will be active members of churches. Not because they believe in any god or any kind of spiritual aspect of life, but because they do enjoy the kind of relationships a healthy church can provide.

I think the idea of atheists coming together in a religious like setting...only without any spiritual aspect to it, would fulfill that need for community without the inward struggle of enjoying the people without sharing the belief system.
EarlGrayHot wrote:
Mon Jun 04, 2018 11:10 am
Atheism means you do not believe in God and religion. If you practice any religion you are not an atheist.
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The article is dishonest. It relates meeting as a community and socializing with common interests (or as they put it going to "church" without god) as being religious when in fact it is a simple act of humanity. For something to be considered religious it specifically requires belief or worship of a superhuman entity or power. The article is presenting the idea that people must be religious if they meet as a community, sing songs together, or discuss morality when in fact there is nothing specifically religious about any of those things. It is akin to the idea that people can't be good without god. Now you can't be part of a community or humanity without being "religious" and the whole thing is preposterous.
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