We're glad you found our little corner on the web. This website was created in response to the Cafemom community shutdown, in order to provide a safe place for old and new members alike to talk about things of interest in all things pertaining to motherhood and beyond. I wanted to give the community I was a part of for eleven years a nice home to go to.

Whether you end up staying or not, we do hope that you have fun!

Women wanted a place where they could communicate issues anonymously, debate current events and hot topics and generally have fun from the stresses of everyday life.

While we have many members from the original community here, we would love for you to join us and share your experiences too. Many of the friendships people have made have lasted for years here and we invite you to be a part of our lovely little corner on the web!

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If you would like your own private group: Please PM the Admins/Mods. We will create it for you and we can lock it with a password if you wish.
Privacy Notice

We are committed to an environment that protects our users anonymity and privacy. We currently have an anonymous feature [users must log out and simply post], so please take advantage of this.

Temporary/Basic Rules/Regulations

The User Control Panel offers a friend and foe function. Please take advantage of it if you find yourself at odds with another member. Please note that some groups may come with their own sets of rules and consequences, those rules will be posted in the group which they pertain to. These rules are in addition to the main guidelines unless otherwise stated.
  • 1. Profanity is acceptable here. The User Control Panel has settings to change whether you would like to see profanity or not.

    2. No personal attacks on others. Personal attacks are comments that are abusive, defamatory, or derogatory comments, and name calling. No blatantly discriminatory remarks, this includes hate speech against any races, religions, and sexual orientation. No attacking children: There is a limit to everything.

    3. If something is NSFW (nudity/pictures/gifs/images/content/long posts), please put a warning in your post title

    4. Please do not post user PII (Personally Identifying Information) on here [addresses/phone numbers/pictures/etc..]

    5. Spamming and advertisements without admin approval will not be tolerated and is subject to automatic removal.

    6. If you have problems with a user, use the foe function

    7. Contact an admin if you have a complaint: All posts created specifically to complain about content or our Mod team will be subject to removal.

    8. Please do not solicit members for money. Since validity with such posts are unverifiable, they will be removed.
Disclaimer: We reserve the right to remove or ban any username, IP address, email, or any topic or post at any point, for any reason, at our discretion. All IP addresses are logged and recorded. Whatever you choose to say here is based on your discretion and we are not responsible for those actions. Posts are subject to be moved, edited, deleted, or locked at the discretion of moderators and admins.


Informal post warnings: Threads where conduct has been breached will be given an informal warning by a member of staff within them. If subject matter continues to breach conduct, the thread will be subject to locking, or removal.

User Penalties: Users who cannot conduct themselves appropriately will be given a warning via private message.

Consequences Can Include But Are Not Limited To:
  • • In Post Warnings

    • Locked Topics

    • Board Warnings - Board Warnings Fall Off After 7 Days

    • 24 Hour Bans - After 3rd Board Warning in 7 Days User Can Get 24 Hour Ban

    2 Week Ban - User Must Have Three 24 Hour Bans in a 60 Day Period

    Permanent Ban - If a User Gets 2 More 24 Hour Bans After a 2 Week Ban Within 60 Days or if a User Engages in Serious Infractions Such As PII, Death Threats, Advertising Spam, or Any Illegal Activities

    Other Consequences can be given out if we feel they will work better at enforcing the forums guidelines. Ex: Losing Anonymous Abilities, Mod Approval Posting, Losing Reporting Abilities in cases of revenge reports or spamming mods with reports to overwhelm them, etc.
ALL moderation is done through a vote: This means no single moderator has the ability to decide on matters without a majority ruling.

  • • HOW-TO's and Tutorials will be available in the If you have questions/issues with the forum, please read the Help Desk first and if you don't find an answer to your question or issue make a post there.

    • If you find a bug, pm or email us at [email protected]

    • If you have a problem, please PM an Admin

You can also email an Admin for any complains, questions, or suggestions here:
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Enjoy your stay!

Lastly, this is a community effort, so your input is always important.

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