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Month: December 2022

2022’s Most Unexpected Winners and Losers

Generally, we don’t like to endorse zero-sum views of the world, but it was hard to miss the seesaw effect at play across the political landscape of 2022. So we offer for your amusement (or annoyance, depending on your political priors) 11 sets of paired winners and losers — the people, ideas and movements that

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How Justice Kagan lost her battle as a consensus builder

Speaking at a small university in Rhode Island earlier this year, Justice Elena Kagan committed an act of Supreme Court heresy. For years, justices have told the same anecdotes to assure the public that — despite the court’s increasingly polarized decisions in high-profile cases— the powerful jurists are committed to putting the best interests of

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Read Trump’s unsealed tax returns

House tax writers released a portion of former President Donald Trump’s tax returns on Friday, despite his best efforts to keep them under wraps. The documents, spanning 2015 to 2020, are a road map to Trump’s wealth, the performance of his business empire and how he was able to reduce his tax liability to little

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Trump taxes show foreign income from more than a dozen countries

Donald Trump’s tax returns show the former president received income from more than a dozen countries during his time in office, highlighting a string of potential conflicts of interest. Trump’s returns, which were made public by House Democrats on Friday after a lengthy legal fight, disclosed income from 2015 to 2020 from a wide range

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Ethics questions on fundraiser, expenses and more: Where George Santos’ many scandals stand

Every day brings Rep.-elect George Santos closer to his official Congressional swearing in. Every day also seemingly reveals further problems for the scandal-plagued New York Republican. The unraveling of Santos’ campaign narrative started with a New York Times exposéon Dec. 19 that called into question claims he’d made about attending Baruch College, working at Goldman

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