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Month: August 2022

Memo to Democrats: It’s The Health Care, Stupid

New polling indicates the party should do more to hype the health care provisions of President Joe Biden’s agenda. New polling from one of the Democratic Party‘s largest super PACs has a clear message for the party as they enter the homestretch of the 2022 midterm elections: health care, health care, health care. The survey

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New Political Restrictions Set For Justice Department Appointees

The restrictions are meant to ensure the department’s independence from politics. WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department will no longer allow political appointees to go to fundraisers and other campaign events under restrictions handed down Tuesday that are aimed at maintaining the department’s independence from politics. Attorney General Merrick Garland, who is currently overseeing investigations

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Biden Calls Out GOP Members Warning Of ‘Blood In The Street’ If Trump Is Prosecuted

Biden offered his strongest condemnation yet of Republicans who are attacking the FBI and praising the Jan. 6 insurrectionists who attacked the Capitol. President Joe Biden on Tuesday hammered Republican officials who have been attacking the FBI for its search on former President Donald Trump‘s home, specifically calling out South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham’s statement

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2nd Grader Brings 2 Guns And Ammunition To Arizona School

The 7-year-old is now facing charges of misconduct with a weapon and a minor in possession of a firearm, authorities said. BOWIE, Ariz. (AP) — A second-grade student at a southeastern Arizona elementary school is facing charges for allegedly bringing two guns and ammunition to school, authorities said Wednesday. Cochise County Sheriff’s officials said they

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South Carolina House Approves Abortion Ban With Exceptions

The South Carolina House has approved a bill that outlaws abortion except in the cases of pregnancies caused by rape or incest. COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — The South Carolina House on Tuesday approved a bill that outlaws abortion except in the cases of pregnancies caused by rape or incest. The chamber initially rejected the bill

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Trump’s Lawyers Need To Lawyer Up After New DOJ Filing, Ex-Federal Prosecutor Says

Andrew Weissmann said if he were advising Trump’s attorneys, he’d tell them to “stop talking” and “get the best defense counsel you can possibly get.” A former federal prosecutor suggested that two of Donald Trump‘s attorneys who were involved in the former president’s failure to hand over classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago estate should probably

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