How worried should you be about COVID-19? Here’s the calculation I carried out. Working backwards, I decided the time to take action was when it hit 1 person being infected for every 10,000 people living in the UK, which works out to 6,600 cases. However there’s a couple of complexities. Continue Reading

We’ve all had those days. Where it starts off bad, and we think to ourselves “Can this day get any worse?” and it’s only 6 am. Then the day goes on, and it does get worse. It’s so hard to find the blessings in our lives sometimes, even when theyContinue Reading

In economics, if someone gives you money in return for access to a limited resource (whether that’s a piece of land or a bandwidth range in the radio spectrum), that’s “rent”.   In an idealised free market system, this results in use of the limited resources being distributed to those whoContinue Reading

Hi I’ll introduce myself as Patrica. I used to be on Cafemom, not as a blogger but to read and sometimes post. My thinking is we don’t need infant and child advice, we have enough of that. What I hope you get out of reading my entries is someone isContinue Reading

May 24th 2018, the world came to an end for a select group of moms who frequented the community of Cafemom. A week before the inevitable shut down of the Cafemom Communities there was a mad dash for everyone to find a new place to call home. People went allContinue Reading