Mom Confessions.net was born in response to a sudden community shut down from an eleven year old forum called Cafemom. This website provided a safe environment for mothers to discuss all manners of issue that come with parenting in a wide range of topics including: Breastfeeding, potty-training, pregnancy, relationships, marriage, single-motherhood and the vast majority of trial and error we all learn in the process.

Women wanted a place where they could communicate issues anonymously, debate current events and hot topics and generally have fun from the stresses of everyday life. While we have many members from the original community here, we would love for you to join us and share your experiences too. Many of the friendships people have made have lasted for years here and we invite you to be a part of our lovely little corner on the web!

Our Team

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piratemoo: A CM veteran since 2007. With the abrupt CM shutdown, piratemoo saw a lot of upset people and wanted to help.
12skipafew: A fellow Cafemom friend who has been working on the ins and outs of the website and administration. Took over as Owner a few months after the site opened.
Staff: The team that volunteers their time and energy to help keep things running smoothly!


Fellow Founder & Current Owner

Moderation Team